Welcome to Closet Concierge. I must confess, I love shopping. But not in the traditional sense. I used to love the thrill of searching the high street rails to find that perfect piece. However, over time I started to notice that this excitement often wore off when I brought the item home, hung it in my overflowing wardrobe where it would sit (tags still on!) taking up precious real estate and making getting dressed all that more difficult.

About 5 years ago, I gradually began to change the way I shop. Instead of randomly hitting the high street, I took a more mindful approach – building up a ‘capsule wardrobe’, filling gaps in my existing wardrobe and not just buying for the sake of buying.

I then turned to the Internet. First it was the seasonal sales, then retail sites like The Outnet. Once I started building up my wardrobe with these better quality pieces there was no turning back. I also began to look to Ebay and the several preloved designer shops which were suddenly springing up everywhere. The prices were even better and I liked the fact I was not limited to just this season’s gems.

‘Second-hand’ or the prettier euphemism ‘pre-loved’ is slowly losing its stigma as shoppers have started to become more savvy, more environmentally-conscious and are looking to shop more sustainably. You will find some items are new or practically new – simply bought by mistake in the wrong size or wrong style.

I have been selling clothes and accessories for myself, friends and family for many years and the idea of Closet Concierge came to me organically through the changes in my shopping habits, a driving desire to help people access luxury items at affordable prices and hopefully reducing the need for mass-market fast-fashion shopping.

Browse through our collection or if you have designer treasures you no longer wear or fit sitting unloved in your wardrobe, please contact me: anita@closetconcierge.co.uk.

Anita x